About Us

The role of the CPF is to make the needs of the community known to the police and to help the police meet those needs. The primary objective is to promote a partnership between the community and the local police and to create an environment that will promote effective local policing that is user-friendly. The CPF assists the South African Police Service in accomplishing these aims.

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Emergency Numbers

Stellenbosch Safety Initiative (SSI)
Controlroom – coordinates SAPS, Law Enforcement and private security companies.
SAPS Emergencies Call Centre
(automatically registered for follow up and feedback on system at command centre)
SAPS Stellenbosch direct 021-809-5015 / 021-809-5012
More SAPS Numbers – emergencies, crimestop, service complaints
Stellenbosch University Campus Emergency number: 021-808-2333
Whatsapp: 082-808-2333
Enquiries / Reporting / Pedestrian service: 021-808-4666
SAPS Compliments and Complaints Compliments can be mailed to us to pass on to SAPS, and copies of your complaints for follow up by us. info [at] stellenboschcpf.co.za
Brochure about the complaints procedures (SAPS).  SAPS Complaints Centre contact details

Drug Awareness