Then rather call SAPS on numbers at the bottom of this page

Click here to Documents then print and display the – Report Crime Online Poster

What you need to know:

  • Your report does not show who you are and there is no way of tracking back to you.
  • Information that can help to locate and prosecute criminals to post here include:
    • property crimes (damage and theft)
    • violence
    • abuse of women and children
    • drug trafficking
    • illegal liquor sales (unlicensed, to minors or selling outside licensed hours)
    • murder and attempted murder
    • house robbery or business robbery
    • vehicle theft or theft from vehicles
    • illegal firearms
    • organised crime and groups of criminals (gangs, syndicates, groups stealing at work, etc)
    • police corruption and brutality
    • missing persons information
    • arson (people starting fires of the bush or buildings)
    • other important information that can help prevent and solve crimes
  • Your info will be forwarded by us to the appropriate Stellenbosch SAPS Officials.
  • Languages you can use: English, Afrikaans and Xhosa
  • Delay: It may only be read after 48 hours over weekends and 24 hours on weekdays, so please send it early if time is important.
  • Be specific with as much details as you can provide SAPS has no way of coming back to you for more information. (Who, what, where, when, how)
  • If you need to send multiple messages, do so with a nickname so that SAPS can link them or mention your previous message.
  • Consider sending photographs and video clips by e-mail to tipoff (at) from an anonymous Gmail, Yahoo or similar address it helps identify people, places and may be evidence under certain circumstances.
  • No informants can be paid unless approved in advance within SAPS and advertised.
  • Families and friends sometimes post voluntary rewards, which will be advertised.
  • In both cases you must report to a SAPS office, plus information must lead to a successful arrest and prosecution before payment is made.

    Stellenbosch Safety Initiative – 021 886 8976
    (control room for coordination of security management in Stellenbosch – SAPS, Municipal Law Enforcement and private security companies)

    Stellenbosch Area Police Stations




    Groot Drakenstein


    021 809 5015

    021 888 5940

    021 889 5761

    021 874 8000

    021 875 8000